"I didn't know so much could happen in ten minutes." - An audience member.

7th Annual InspiraTO Festival

Alumnae Theatre (Mainstage), June 1-10, 2012

70 Berkeley St. click for map.

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Fri June 1:     8 pm:redEye         10 pm:blueEye

Sat June 2:   2 pm:yellowEye   4 pm:redEye     6 pm:blueEye     8 pm:yellowEye     10 pm:redEye

Wed June 6:  7 pm:blueEye*      9 pm:whiteEye**

Thurs June 7: 7 pm:redEye*       9 pm:whiteEye**

Fri June 8:      8 pm:yellowEye*   10 pm:whiteEye**

Sat June 9:     2 pm: blueEye    4 pm:yellowEye    6 pm:redEye    8 pm:blueEye     10 pm:yellowEye

Sun June 10:   2 pm: finale


Tickets are $12.  Get tickets online with no service fees!  Click here for tickets.  You can also get tickets at the theatre box office - open one hour before each show.  Save even further and get the festival pass and see 4 different shows for only $38 (online or at the box office.)

Latecomers not admitted.  Shows restricted to people 14 years of age or older.

*InspiraTO TalkBack, **whiteEye TalkBack ( Q & A with artists).   

Alumnae Theatre Mainstage is at 70 Berkeley St (at Adelaide just west of Parliament).  Easy access by TTC.   There is street parking and a parking lot (inexpensive) on Berkeley just north of Richmond St.   There are pubs and restaurants nearby at King and Sherbourne St.  Click here for map of the theatre and nearby amenities.       

redEye Show - 6 ten-minute plays in one show. Visions with passion.  Plays that push our idea of obsession and desire.       


Fri. June 1,  8 PM

Sat. June 2,  4 PM & 10 PM

Thurs. June 7,  7 PM

Sat. June 9,  6 PM

PIGEONS IN LOVE by Jeff Carter. The cooing sound of pigeons tests the strength of a couple's relationship that ultimately confronts a bleaker truth.  Featuring Matthew McGrath & Lara Kelly (with permission of CAEA). Directed by Emily Dix.   

IN FINE PRINT by Bara Swain.  Two tetchy friends, who've done it all, come face-to-face with dating and death. Featuring Ruth Miller & Connie Guccione. Directed by Kim Harrington.

BROKEN ENGLISH by Nina Ki.  Kyle struggles with his mother's vision of himself as the perfect Korean son, while his mother struggles with what Kyle reveals.  Featuring Jonathan Ho &  Sunhee Yi. Directed by Larry Peloso.  

TATTOO by Dominik Loncar. Two strangers meet in a long dark hallway.  Will they dare to step into the wild and run with the wolves?  Featuring Kayla MacNeil & Evan Sapach.   Directed by Nick Dipchand.

SEVEN SECONDS BEFORE THE CONFLAGRATION by Jen Silverman. An uncle, his niece and a talking Modigliani Reclining Nude show us what happens when we refuse to confront our obsessions.   Featuring Bob Legare, Nicole Wilson & Veronica Campbell. Directed by Andrew Joseph Richardson.

MISSING by Robin Pond. A policeman doesn't know what to make of a woman who reports her husband is missing.  Sometimes, denial is the best antidote.  Featuring Renee Stein & Kunal Jaggi. Directed by Sandra Burley. 


yellowEye Show - 6 ten minute plays in one show. Visions that alert.  Plays that re-examine the way we live and challenge our world view.  


Sat. June 2, 2 PM & 8 PM

Fri. June 8, 8 PM

Sat. June 9, 4 PM & 10 PM

FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE by Greg Vovos. A custom-made entertainer  shows up in Lucy's living room. She gets more than she bargained for. Featuring Emily Stang & Megs Mulkins. Directed by Erin O'Hanley.

SEEN and UNSEEN by Maximillian Singh Gill.  In Libya after the fall of Qaddafi, Ali, confronts Khalid, a collaborator with the regime whom Ali suspects informed on him. Featuring Saamer Usmani & Vince Jerad. Directed by Ingrid Pleitez.

THE PAPER SWAN by Amina Henry.  On the eve of their seven-month anniversary, Kyle begs Ramona to do the one thing she's refused to since they met: let him see her face. Featuring Sara Miller & Mark Kalzer.  Directed by Leonard Mario Zgrablic.  

BACKFIRE by Leslie Powell. A woman keeps her identity a secret from a solider who bullied her until she gets him where she wants him. But he has a secret of his own. Featuring Ashlee Erron & Tom Beattie. Directed by Dominik Loncar.

BLONDIE by Meghan Gardiner.  Martin, not your typical junkie, has a life-changing moment of realization while being roughed up by a stranger. Or is it a stranger?  Featuring Mark Augustine. Directed by Rain Chan.

YOUTOPIA by Chaney Kwak. Is privacy a right or a form of selfishness? In a world where technology makes everything public, a woman fights to remain invisible.  Featuring  Natasha Fiorino, Karen Scobie, Yehunda Fisher, Basil Tamkei. Directed by David Wootton.


blueEye Show - 6 ten-minute plays in one show. Visions with mystery.  Plays that don't give you black and white answers -- just more questions.


Fri. June 1, 10 PM

Sat. June 2, 6 PM

Wed. June 6, 7 PM

Sat. June 9, 2 PM & 8 PM

THE COMMON GROUND by Bryan Boodhoo. Can one be a visual artist without the use of one's sight?  Discover how two artists help us see (or not see) a different perspective.  Featuring Farah Farah, Bruce Williamson & Marienne Buslon. Directed by Lumir Hladik.

CAMPING OUT by Anne Flanagan. Three pre-teen Girl Scouts on an over-night camping trip are both giddy and anxious over their budding sexuality and uncertain visions of the future. Featuring Andrea Blakey, Rowda Moallim & Felicity Adams- Hannigan. Directed by Stevie Baker.

POSITIVE I.D. by Peter Dickinson. A cop seeking a quick conviction. A victim unsure of what - or who - she's seen. And an accused kid who forces them to look deep inside themselves. Featuring Kate MacDonald, Kelan Brown & Virgilia Griffith. Directed by Madeleine Julian.

BEYOND WHERE THE HORIZON LIES by Rod McFadden. Two characters spend time looking for something, though they have no idea what that something is. Featuring Bee Raskob & Andrew Robinson. Directed by Taryn Jorgenson.

ALL YOUR BOSSES ARE BELONG TO CHINESE by Nelson Yu. Things take a weird turn when a visitor from the future visits the Balzac's Coffee Shop in Toronto's Distillery District. Featuring Paul Barnes, Marienne Bulson & Roger Feng. Directed by Suzanne Bernier.

STANDING AT THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE OF DISUNITY by Stanley Toledo. The light changes and a young man starts to step off the curb. As he does, a stranger grabs his arm, warning him not to step out.  Featuring Peter Jarvis, Christine Shakespeare & Farah Farah.  Directed by Dale Sheldrake.  


whiteEye Show - 6 ten-minute plays in one show.  Showcasing plays from InspiraTO's Playwrights' Mentoring Project on the theme of vision. Playwrights include Marianne Fedunkiw, Evan Bawtinheimer, Jessica Anderson, Katie Sly, Kimia Pourazar and Lisa Aikman.


Wed. June 6, 9 PM

Thurs. June 7, 9 PM

Fri June 8, 10 PM 

CRYSTAL CLEAR by Marianne Fedunkiw. Dramaturgy by Dominik Loncar.A man tries ice fishing for the first time. The ice is cracking.  And the fish talk back.  Featuring Jamie Sampson. Directed by Erin O'Hanley

A BELATED REUNION by Jessica Anderson. Dramaturgy by Lisa O'Connell. Bill must confront his past when an unexpected visitor surprises him late at night. Featuring Ashlee Erron and Yehuda Fisher. Directed by Ingrid Pleitz.

PUSHING by Evan Russell Bawtinheimer.  Dramaturgy by Dominik Loncar. A trainer pushes the limits of a jumper to the point of no return. Featuring Tom Dunbar, Giovanni Spina, Madeleine Jullian. Directed by Nick Dipchand. 

BUCKET by Katie Sly.  Kate's sexual manners don't upset Dave. But her reasons do. Dramaturgy by Sheldon Rosen. Featuring Sara Miller and Saamer Usmani.  Directed by Emily Dix.  

ELEPHANTS LIE HUMAN by Kimia Pourazar. Dramaturgy by Lisa O'Connell. A stark choice is made by a farmer during East Africa's worst famine. Featuring Kim Sprenger, Ed Minges, Ashlie White. Kristina James, Elizabeth Stuart-Morris.  Directed by Stevie Baker.

LATE by Lisa Aikman. A daughter and mother reach a crossroad.  Dramaturgy by Sheldon Rosen. A story about life choices and acceptance. Featuring M.C. Thompson and Kathleen Stack.  Directed by Kim Sprenger.